Meal Plans FAQs

Your meal plan cost will be billed to your Bursar account. Payment arrangements are made with the Bursar's Office. This can be done online by logging onto the portal at; once logged in click on the "Student Life" tab; click on loboweb logo; choose the "Make Payments, View Bill, Setup eRefunds, Installment Plans, etc." option; click on the BURSAR ACCOUNT SUITE button.

Fall semester billing begins in mid-July and continues throughout the summer. Charges are usually uploaded, after that primary July load, within 5 business days from when the selection documentation is received. Spring meal plan charges are billed in December. If Spring semester is the first term of residence, then charges will be uploaded within 5 business days of when the selection documentation is received.

Access to La Posada and swipe locations will be available, once the meal plans go active in August. The Club meal plans include unlimited access to La Posada and dining dollars, which are a dollar value that may be used at any on-campus food venue.

Meals at La Posada are all you care to eat, so you'll swipe when you enter and can visit any combination of stations while you're there. You may not take away leftovers and to-go meals are available by using an on the go swipe and the La Po To-Go resuable containers.

Dining dollars are a dollar-for-dollar tender and using it will reduce the balance by the cost of the meal purchased at any retail food venue on campus.

Our Unlimited Plans plans do not contain a preset amount of meals. For resident students, if you remain in housing for the Spring semester, dining dollars will be left in the account and the Spring semester allotments will be added. All dining dollars and companion passes are forfeited at the end of the Spring semester. If Fall semester is the last term of residence, then dining dollars are forfeited at the end of the Fall semester. If, for some reason, residence in Housing is canceled mid-semester, dining dollars will be swept when the housing status change is confirmed and the price of the meal plan will be pro-rated. For non-resident and voluntary meal plan holders, voluntary plans are valid for one semester only and must be renewed for the Spring Semester. If a voluntary plan was purchased for Fall semester and the meal plan holder renews for Spring semester, any remaining tender values will roll over to the new term. If a voluntary plan is not renewed, left over tender values will be swept at the end of the Fall semester. All values expire at the end of the Spring semester. To minimize cancellation fees, notify the LoboCard Office directly.

Receipts printed at any food venue will contain a balance of the tender used, after the cost of the meal.  You may also create an account at the LoboCard office online web site.  Click on the "I'm new here" link in the upper right corner of the page.  Enter your UNM ID #, enter and verify your email address.  A system-generated password will be emailed to you.  Once you enter the site for the first time using that password, you are strongly encouraged to change the password to something that's easy to remember.  This password does not need to be the same as your netID password, but it may be.  Once you have established the account management log on, you can check the balances of your dining points, along with your LoboCa$h balance, if you've deposited funds into that account.  For more information on LoboCa$h click here.  Finally, you may always bring your card by the LoboCard Office and we'll swipe it and give you your balance.  For LoboCard Office hours of operation, click here.  Due to FERPA regulations, we can not give out balances over the phone.

You may offer Chartwell's feedback online byvisiting their website. Look for "BE HEARD" in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Door prices are the costs for meals if you're not on a plan that allows unlimited access to La Posada . In other words, if you pay for a meal using dining dollars, LoboCa$h, cash, credit or debit card, you pay the door price for the meal. The 2019-2020 door price for La Posada meals are as follows:

  • Breakfast $7.50
  • Lunch $9.50
  • Dinner $9.75
  • Friday Special (all day!) $6.75
  • Anytime using Dining Dollars $6.50
Yes, you may visit La Posada by using dining dollars or a swipe to pay the door price for access.

Guest passes allow you to bring a guest with you into the La Posada Dining Club. Each time you bring someone without their own meal plan access into La Posada, your guest pass balance will be reduced by one.

If you used any of your dining dollars before the plan was changed, the amount of dining dollars on the new plan will be pro-rated to reflect that usage. For example, if the Lobo Plan was the original selection and $8.50 in dining dollars were spent, then the plan changed to the Cherry Club plan, the balance of dining dollars on that plan would be adjusted to $266.50 ($275 - $8.50).