Fall 21/Spring 22 Meal Plans


Freshmen Resident Meal Plan Requirement + Choices

First-year, freshmen residing on main campus  (Casas del Rio or UNM Housing) are required to select one of the Cherry or Lobo Meal Plan options.

If a freshmen resident does not select a meal plan, the default will be the Lobo 15 weekly plan and will be applied to the student for usage and charged to the student's Bursar account on or before one week prior the first day of school. (Please note -- transferring out of either facility to Lobo Village during either the Fall or Spring semester after the cancellation date does not negate the meal plan requirement.)

UNM Food 21/22 Important Meal Plan Dates

8/16/2021Freshman main campus residents who have not selected a meal plan will be auto assigned the Lobo Weekly 15.
9/14/2021Last day to make meal plan changes without a fee for the Fall Semester.
2/8/2022Last day to make meal plan changes without a fee for the Spring Semester.

Full Access Meal Plans

Unlimited Plans

Our Unlimited Plans offer maximum access, usability, and the best value. Students may visit La Posada Dining Hall, our all you care to eat facility, as many times as they wish each day as well as enjoy 3 daily On-The-Go Swipes that may be used for a meal exchange at The Union Club, LaPo ToGo, SRC Market, and Einstein Bros. Bagels. Unlimited Plans also include guest passes for use at La Posada and dining dollars which may be used at any dining location on campus.

Weekly Plans

Weekly Plans provide flexibility and value for students who may not need as many meals as our Unlimited Plans offer. These plans offer 15 swipes (or meals) for usage each week. Unused swipes will be removed each Sunday at 2:30am and replaced with a new balance of 15 swipes for the new week. The 15 weekly swipes may be used at La Posada Dining Hall for dine-in or LaPo ToGo, SRC Market, Union Club, and Einstein Bros. Bagels. See chart below for dining dollars and guest passes included with each plan.

*Unused swipes are non-transferable, non-refundable, and must be used by the meal plan holder

 ALSO NOTE: A cancellation fee of $100 applies after the third Tuesday of the start of the semester. Please refer to the UNM Meal Plan policies for more information.

Select a meal plan for Academic Year 21/22 Add on to Your Current Meal Plan

For meal plan cancellations or questions please email mealplans@unm.edu

Choose your plan!

First-year, on-campus resident students may choose from the Lobo or Cherry plans below. If a plan is not selected, freshmen residents will be assigned the Lobo 15 Weekly meal plan upon class status and housing verification.

Meal PlanLa Posada Dining HallOn-The-Go Swipes**Guest PassesDining Dollars‡Price per Semester
Lobo 15*
1 Swipe per Entry1 Swipe per Meal0$25$1925†
Lobo UnlimitedUnlimited Entries3 per Day3$25$2125†
Cherry 15 Plus (Weekly)1 Swipe per Entry1 Swipe per Meal5$350$2225†
Cherry UnlimitedUnlimited Entries3 per Day8$250$2325†

Meal Plans Charged/Loaded by Semester. Freshmen on campus residents are required to hold a meal plan for the full academic year.

‡ Dining Dollar amounts listed for each plan are for the semester and do not auto-reload. Additional dining dollars may be manually reloaded at any time during the semester.

*Lobo Weekly 15 will be the default plan for freshmen residents who do not select a meal plan or obtain residency exception before the start of Fall semester.

**On-The-Go Daily Swipes for Unlimited Plans will be reloaded each morning at 2:30am. 15 weekly swipes will be reloaded to the Lobo 15 and Cherry 15 plans each Sunday at 2:30am. Unused swipes for all plans will be purged at time of reload. Unused swipes are non-transferable and must be used solely by the meal plan holder. 

Please note:  Once a meal plan has been selected, it will take a minimum of 3-5 business days before charges will appear on the Bursar Account.  Please email mealplans@unm.edu with questions.

Upperclassmen On-Campus Residents, Commuter Students, Staff, and Faculty Meal Plans

Anyone in the Lobo community is welcome to take advantage of the maximum access and value that our above listed Unlimited and Weekly plans have to offer. In addition, the Community and Dining Dollar Plans listed below provide a variety of price points and incentives to suit your Lobo lifestyle. Visit, call, or email the Meal Plan Help desk for questions about our meal plans or assistance in finding the perfect plan for you!

Community and Dining Dollar Plans

For upper-class residents and commuter students, we offer the Dining Dollars and Community plans, in addition to the all access plans above. These plans offer a convenient alternative for students whose schedules place them close to one of the many retail outlets on campus. Dining Dollars Plans may be used at any food outlet on campus, include value bonuses, and a select number of complimentary swipes to La Posada Dining Hall.

Upper-class on-campus residents, commuter students, faculty, and staff may choose from any of the above, or may opt for:

The Dining Dollars Plans and The Community Plans

Dining Dollars $500 -- includes a 10% bonus Dining Dollars and 10 meal swipes$500
Dining Dollars $100 --includes a 5% bonus in Dining Dollars and 2 meal swipes

Community Scholar -- Perfect for Lobos who live on campus, have heavy course loads, or love the convenience of dining on campus.
Choose your preferred combination of dining dollars and swipes from the options below.

Scholar Option 1: $550 Dining Dollars, 100 Meal Swipes

Scholar Option 2: $825 Dining Dollars, 60 Meal Swipes

Scholar Option 3: $975 Dining Dollars, 40 Meal Swipes

Plan remains active for full academic year
Community Social -- This plan is ideal for Lobos who love to catch up with friends over a bite, treat a colleague to coffee, or have fewer classes.
Choose your preferred combination of dining dollars and swipes from the options below.

Social Option 1: $130 Dining Dollars, 40 Meal Swipes

Social Option 2: $290 Dining Dollars, 20 Meal Swipes

Plan remains active for full academic year

Community plans are valid for a full academic year while Unlimited and Weekly plans are active on a per semester basis. (Freshmen residents are required to hold a Lobo or Cherry plan for the full academic year.)

Plans may be canceled before the end of the change period without incurring an additional fee. Cancellations made after the deadline will incur a $100 cancellation fee and be prorated for usage. 

Updated: 10/15/20