Meal Plans

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Lobos save time and money with our meal plans. Meal plans are designed with maximum value and flexibility in mind to fit your Lobo lifestyle and conveniently loaded onto your LoboCard. Use meal swipes at La Posada and our on-the-go swipe locations across campus or dining dollars which are accepted at all food and beverage locations including your national and local favorite eateries.

Check your meal plan balances here or ask your cashier for a receipt with your meal swipe and dining dollar or LoboCash balances.

Meal Plan Consultation and Assistance

Our meal plan representatives are available to answer questions about meal plans and offer consultations to help you find the best plan to suit your needs.

Visit our Meal Plan Help Desk inside the LoboCard Office in the Student Union Building or contact us via phone or email.

Meal Plan Help Desk
(Inside the LoboCard Office in the SUB)
Suite 1067