What to Expect at our Dining Locations

Our operations may look a little different and they will probably change throughout the semester. Our goal is to keep you safe while we offer the most comprehensive dining experience that we are able. Look out for email communications, signage, and social media announcements for any changes that we may make to our operations to observe NM and Department of Health executive orders and UNM guidelines.

What to Expect To See:

  • Masks will be required to enter our locations. Let us know if you need a disposable mask.
  • Look for signage. We will be posting signage to help you navigate our spaces and experiences. These will indicate occupancy limits, social distancing markers, dine-in or takeout capabilities, and more. Of course, if you miss the signage or have questions our team is there to help!
  • You may experience a longer wait time than normal or be asked to wait in line outside of a location to moderate occupancy. We suggest budgeting a little extra time for getting meals and utilizing the Grubhub Campus Dining app to see what’s open, order ahead, or get it delivered.
  • Plexi dividers at cashier’s stations.
  • Temporary closures to accommodate additional cleaning.

What We're Doing for You:

TABLES SPACED 6FT APART - Where indoor dining is allowed, tables will be placed 6FT apart at all times. Guests are required to keep their parties no larger than seats available at the table.

WE WILL BE WEARING MASKS - UNM Food associates will be wearing masks at all times. Guests will be required to wear a mask when not seated (where dine-in service is allowed). This includes entering and exiting the building as well as shopping or selecting items.

INCREASED CLEANING AND DISINFECTING - We are increasing all cleaning and disinfecting protocols.Our associates will undergo additional training to ensure proper cleaning procedures are followed.

SANITATION - Tables, shared surfaces, bathrooms, and napkin holders will be sanitized after every guest visit

NO SELF-SERVICE AND SINGLE USE DISPOSABLE WARE - Until further notice, self-serve will not be available inside the dining hall or other food and beverage locations. Meals will be packaged by our associates in single-use disposable containers. 

What You Can Do for Us:

BE AWARE OF SYMPTOMS - If you are exhibiting any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone experiencing symptoms of illness, please stay home.

PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK - Please wear your mask for entry into our dining facilities and retail spaces.

USE NO CONTACT PAYMENT - Please pay with a credit card when possible. Cash will be accepted but not preferred. Take advantage of contactless ordering and payment on the GrubHub app.

NO REUSABLE DISHWARE - To limit contact exposure, please refrain from using outside dishware. This includes but not limited to: coffee mugs, tup­perware, and water bottles.

STAY AT ONE TABLE - Where indoor dining is permitted, we ask that you remain at your selected table once seated. No gathering at tables more than seats available will be allowed.