Ozzi Reusable Containers


Meet ‘Ozzi’ – The Reusable To-Go Container

UNM Food offers a sustainable and customizable way to take your favorite foods to-go with the reusable Ozzi container. Meal plan holders are immediately eligible to participate at no extra cost. Non meal plan holders may opt into the program by making a one-time purchase of an Ozzi container. Take your meal to-go and return your container to La Posada or other participating locations to be cleaned and sanitized by UNM Food. You will get a fresh container for immediate use or a token to redeem one at a later time.

Meal Swipe Icon Using Your Meal Swipe with Ozzi

Your to-go meal will count as one of the three daily meal swipes for Unlimited Plan holders and as a regular meal swipe for Weekly and Community Plan holders. Follow these easy steps to maximize your options and help us reduce the use of disposables to lower our environmental impact.  Meal plan holders can get started by picking up your redemption token at La Posada during the first week of the Fall semester or anytime by visiting the meal plan desk in the LoboCard Office.

How to use Ozzi To-Go

  • Bring your token with you when you are ready to take out from a participating location.
  • Let the cashier know that you will be a using Ozzi To-Go. Present the cashier with your token or purchase a new container if you’re a first-time user or need a replacement.
  • The cashier will give you a clean container for La Po or your order will be prepared and served in a clean container. Containers used at La Posada must be able to close.
  • Enjoy your meal to-go!

How to Return

The Ozzi To-Go container may be returned at the cashier’s station in La Posada or Union Club in the SUB. Simply drop it off. The cashier will give you a token or a clean container if you are ready to take out again.

How to Replace

Lost containers or tokens may be replaced at participating locations. Replacement tokens are $5 and may be paid in cash, with a credit card, or dining dollars.